DSDM Atern

This site focuses upon the DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Model) Atern approach to Agile project management.


DSDM Atern*, one of a group of Project Management methodologies which sit under the umbrella term of Agile.


*(the name Atern was coined by the methodology creators and refers to the Artic Tern, a collaborative bird that can travel vast distances and epitomises many facets of the method which are natural ways of working e.g. prioritisation and collaboration.)

Lightweight approaches
Extreme Programming (XP)
Fuller Approaches (but still agile)
DSDM Atern
Agile Unified Process (AUP) 



Originally designed for software development, it has many uses where time and budget are of paramount importance & delivery time needs to be short.


Adopts an incremental approach to evolving solution through number of stages (called Increments in Atern).


Atern is described as Agile with rigour.


5 key techniques:

  1. MoSCoW
  2. Facilitated Workshops
  3. Timeboxing
  4. Iterative development
  5. Modelling


link to DSDM Atern Handbook

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