Iterative Development

Process where delivery of a product results from repeated cycle of development activity.


Each execution of the cycle yields a result successively closer to desired outcome.



  • Identify what they need to achiever in this iteration
  • Plan how they are going to do it
  • Evolve the products in question in accordance with their plan
  • Review the outcome with a view to determining whether another iteration is required


Control needs to demonstrated, & recommends using:

  • Timebox control; recommends¬† three iterations: Investigation, Refinement, Consolidation
  • Timebox Review Records; which should be kept under formal configuration management to provide audit trail of how product evolved
  • Daily standups. Brief. Discuss progress & what to do if anything is blocking progress
  • Solution Review Records (optional), form basis for tracking issues, also need CM¬†
  • SDT, provided they can demonstrate control,¬† are expected to left to get on with their work.
  • Management by exception
  • Solution Foundations with agreed scope & priorities, & properly defined Acceptance Criteria should form basis for control

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