MoSCoW Prioritisation

List of Business Requirements created by the business, which is then prioritised into a PRL (Prioritised Requirements List).


  • Agree what the priorities mean early in the project
  • Use all the priorities
  • Challenge Must haves
  • Control % of Must Haves. Target = 60%
    • Above 60% decreases predictability and risk of failure increases
  • Prioritise everything – helps concept become ingrained


  • Must haves
    • Minimum Usable Subset
    • Cannot deliver without this
    • No point delivering on target date without this
    • Not legal without it
    • Unsafe without it
    • Cannot deliver the Business Case without it
  • Should haves
    • Important but not vital
    • May be painful to leave out, but solution is still viable
    • May need some kind of workaround
  • Could haves
    • Wanted / desirable but less important
    • Less impact if left out (compare with a should have)
  • Won’t have (this time)
    • Agreed these requirements will not be delivered
    • Recorded in PRL where they help clarify scope of project, & avoid being  re-introduced via ‘back door’ at a later date

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