Any project must be aligned to clearly defined strategic goals and focus upon early deliverables of real benefit to the business.


Key stakeholders must:

  • Understand the business objectives and be empowered and collaborate to deliver the right solution
  • Be prepared to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution
  • Be prepared to accept change is inevitable, as they understand more about the solution being developed
  • Accept that the solution will be delivered in agreed the timescale, according to the priorities set by the business



  • Vital stakeholders buy in to the philosophy
  • Working solution an agreed date
  • Should not expect 100%
  • Stakeholders drive what is important, for their business needs
  • Be open and clear about the philosophy & the way Atern delivers from the start
  • Be prepared for stakeholders initial concerns


In Atern projects, the majority of negotiation is around fine detail not major headlines.

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