ISF – Instrumental Success Factors:

  • Acceptance of Atern philosophy before starting work
  • Empowerment of SDT (Solution development Team)
  • Commitment from the business to provide a Business Ambassador & Business Advisor
  • Incremental delivery
  • Access by SDT to business roles (e.g. through colocation)
  • SDT stability
  • SDT skills
  • SDT size ~ 7 +/-2
  • Supportive commercial relationship


PAQ  (Project Approach Questionnaire) identifies & confirm level of achievement of above ISFs & to assess potential risk areas to be addressed. Typically completed during feasibility & re-assessed as part of foundations.


  • ISFs need constant monitoring, as they form the key risks to the project
  • Empowerment is two way
    • May need constant reinforcement & coaxing to make their own decisions
    • Daily standup will show whether there are risks here
  • Acceptance of the philosophy
  • Colocation. If unable room where all can come together from time to time. Give focus for the project
  • Large teams can be subdivided into smaller teams
  • Never compromise on business time. If they’re not committed why should you be?

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