In time management, timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box, to each planned activity.


A timebox is a previously agreed period of time during which a person or a team works steadily towards completion of some goal. Rather than allow work to continue until the goal is reached, and evaluating the time taken, the timebox approach consists of stopping work when the time limit is reached and evaluating what was accomplished.


  • Encourage SDT to finish on time by prioritising, rather than letting Timebox expand
  • Ensure Timebox has correct proportion of Musts, Shoulds & Coulds
  • Check progress by daily standups
  • Build environment of trust & no-blame
  • Ensure Timebox kick-off involves right people
  • Ensure Acceptance Criteria are clear, & clarified further during Investigation
  • Ensure key Risks are identified at Kick-off & monitored during the Timebox
  • Ensure close-out also performs a (retrospective) review of learning points to feed into future timeboxes
  • Typically 2-4 (exceptionally 6) weeks
  • Timebox plan
    • Created by team
    • MoSCoW
    • Milestone dates
    • RnRs
    • Deliverables



Kick off

  • Agree Timebox scope & MoSCoW
  • Ensure SDT understand objectives & accept them as realistic
  • Short session 1-3 hours


  • Investigate work to be done, including agreement on deliverables & quantitative measures that will prove success
  • 10-20% of timebox


  • Work on the solution in line with MoSCoW
  • 60-80% of timebox


  • Finish, ensuring output fit for purpose against Acceptance Criteria
  • Start planning for next timebox
  • 10-20% of timebox

Close Out

  • Formal acceptance of deliverables by Biz Visionary & Tech Co-ord
  • 1-3 hours


Daily Standup

  • Normally run by Team Leader, is opportunity to understand progress against objectives at detailed level & expose issues
  • Attended by all SDT
  • Strict format
    • Each member describes what they’ve done since last standup
    • What they plan to do
    • Any problems, Risks or Issues, slowing progress
  • Short fixed duration
    • No longer than 15mins
    • 2mins per member

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